SIP Modular House Peter 35m² + Roof Terrace 39m²

SIP Modular House ”Peter” – green, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, low-energy house

  • SIP panel technology is the most advanced and cost-effective option
  • SIP boards have excellent heat and sound insulation to withstand any natural factors.
  • SIP shields are durable and do not require special maintenance.
  • SIP buildings are manufactured in the factory and assembled on arrival, so construction takes much less time than building a normal house.
  • SIP buildings are safe for people suffering from various allergies, asthma or other respiratory diseases.

50,400.00 42,000.00not inc. VAT

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What does a perfect house look like?

For many, it’s a green, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, low-energy, and Peter SIP modular home that meets those expectations. Peter SIP modular house is a 35 m² paradise that is suitable for living all year round and at the same time truly meets both personal and business needs.


Perfect – both inside and out:

Many customers enjoy the fact that SIP modular house is amazing not only in its interior, but also in its appearance. The 39 m² terrace on the roof, which is used all year round, is eye-catching. It is wonderful to drink cocoa here in winter and at the same time enjoy refreshing cocktails in summer. Everyone can install the interior they like best, because there is a lot of space, so you will be able to implement even the most complex projects. Both the house and the terrace are designed in accordance with Scandinavian traditions, which are inseparable from both attractiveness and quality.


Want to live closer to nature?

Our customers are most impressed with the SIP modular home because they want to live in an ecological and at the same time economical home that will allow them to enjoy comfort all year round. Modular houses are mobile and, due to their small square footage, can be built almost anywhere. As more and more people dream of a homestead or even a residential house near a water body, forest, other wonderful natural places – these houses become a very good alternative, because they are not only built very quickly, but also perfectly meet the Lithuanian climatic conditions, even when lives surrounded by trees.


Cheap home maintenance:

SIP modular house ”Peter”, which is a 35 m² + 39 m² roof terrace, not only looks great, but is relatively inexpensive to maintain. Not only because of the small square footage (which, in fact, is quite spacious because the house is properly laid out), but also because of the very best quality materials that guarantee tightness and so low cost for maintaining the house. Especially those that are designed to cool or heat a house, and the options that are combined with a modular house are certainly very wide.



  • The area: 34.83 m²
  • Living area : 34.83 m²
  • Materia SIP panels
  • Roof for 174mm SIP panels
  • EPDM roofing
  • External dimensions: 12000 mm x 3500 mm
  • Wall 174 mm SIP panels
  • PVC doors
  • PVC windows
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Interior decoration : Gypsum board
  • Outdoor decoration : Natural wood color paneling
  • Fasteners Screws, fasteners, mounting foam, sealing strips.


Price: 42 000-50 000 EUR


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