SIP Modular House Fluffy 28m²

SIP Modular House Fluffy – perfect garden house or space for your business clients

  • SIP panel technology is the most advanced and cost-effective option
  • SIP boards have excellent heat and sound insulation to withstand any natural factors.
  • SIP shields are durable and do not require special maintenance.
  • SIP buildings are manufactured in the factory and assembled on arrival, so construction takes much less time than building a normal house.
  • SIP buildings are safe for people suffering from various allergies, asthma or other respiratory diseases.

36,000.00 30,000.00not inc. VAT

Pay later, in 3 parts – 0% interest, 0€ extra fees.

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Are you looking for the perfect garden house or space for your business clients? We are sure that the SIP modular house is what you need and what gives you the opportunity to live ecologically, economically and at the same time, of course, in style. Although this modular house is only 28 m², the proper layout of the space and at the same time the position of the furniture allows you to enjoy a really large space that is suitable not only for a couple, but also for family and friends. Finally, the space looks much larger in the name of a 12 m² terrace, which becomes a particularly cozy place on summer evenings and winter days.


Cozy and stylish:

Agree that the SIP modular house looks attractive and its style blends classic with modernity. This not only satisfies the needs of many, but also welcomes the versatility of interior design, as the exterior itself is quite wide, so it is easy to reconcile details. It is worth noting that this modular house not only looks beautiful, but is also very cozy, perfect for a stay all year round, so it remains to decide on the elements of communication that give the house more comfort, and it meets the needs of the 21st century.


Wide possibilities of a modular house:

The myth that modular homes are just a summer residence. Definitely not. Here is the SIP modular house perfect for your stay all year round, all you need to do is take care of communications that make you feel good. In those that heat, cool or purify the air. Thanks to the simple construction of the house, it is not only easy to install them, but it is also possible to install them. This opens up opportunities for everyone to create a space that suits them to the smallest detail. Finally, not only personal, but also business, as SIP modular house is very often used as a space in a rural tourism homestead and other similar places.




  • Material: SIP panels / frame panels
  • Area: 23.65 m²
  • Living area: 27.8 m²
  • External dimensions: 350 cm x 675 cm
  • Number of rooms: 3
  • Height: 390 cm
  • Roof: 224mm SIP panels / beams 195 mm
  • Roofing: EPDM roofing
  • Walls: 174 mm SIP panels / frame 145 mm
  • Doors: 100cm x 210 cm (1 pc.) 80 cm x 210 cm (1 pc.)
  • Windows: 100cm x 210 cm (2 pcs.) 300 cm x 140 cm (1 pcs.) 100 cm x 50 cm (5 pcs.)
  • Warranty: 5 years



Price: 30 000-35 000 EUR


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