SIP mobile modular cottage Brentwood 30 m2

SIP modular mobile cottage Brentwood  – Functional, simple and modern mobile home for various purposes

  • SIP panel technology is the most advanced and cost-effective option
  • SIP boards have excellent heat and sound insulation to withstand any natural factors.
  • SIP shields are durable and do not require special maintenance.
  • SIP buildings are manufactured in the factory and assembled on arrival, so construction takes much less time than building a normal house.
  • SIP buildings are safe for people suffering from various allergies, asthma or other respiratory diseases.

32,400.00 27,000.00not inc. VAT

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Functional, simple and modern mobile home for various purposes:

  • office;
  • leisure and tourism;
  • creative workshops;
  • garden;
  • a lounge on a private plot;
  • and much more


What does a mobile home mean?

This makes it easy to place it where you want it and move it to another location if needed. Although this house is not on wheels like other mobiles, it is easy to assemble and disassemble or even move all with special equipment. This option is especially convenient when you need temporary housing while the main house is under construction. When the cottage is no longer needed, you can sell it or use it elsewhere.


Advantages of a cottage:

  • This mobile home is built of quality SIP and frame panels. Factory-made construction materials are accurate in measurement, strength and easy to install.
  • The one-room cottage can be adapted to your needs. If you have a request for customization and installation, please contact us
  • The windows and doors on the front façade will allow you to admire the outdoor environment. Even if this lodge serves as a place to work, you will always be able to rest your eyes and catch a glimpse of the green meadows and clouds in the sky. If you adapt to relaxing by the water, the windows will offer even more beautiful views.


We recommend ordering an additional terrace. Here you can place outdoor furniture and give the cottage even more comfort.

When ordering a house, you can additionally choose:

  • rainwater system of the desired color;
  • siding, covered with the desired color or original shade;
  • interior decoration;
  • installation services;
  • air conditioning installation;
  • kitchen furniture set.


The price will change accordingly. If you have not found any additional accessories, feel free to ask and we will discuss your preferences.




  • Material: SIP panels / frame panels
  • Area: 35.2 m²
  • Living area: 30 m²
  • External dimensions :645 cm x 545 cm
  • Number of rooms: 1
  • Heigh:t 324 cm
  • Roof: 174mm SIP panels / beams 145 mm
  • Roofing: Tin
  • Walls 124 mm SIP panels / frame 145 mm
  • Doors 100cm x 210 cm (1 pc.)
  • Windows: 140cm x 210 cm (1 pcs.) 180cm x 70 cm (1 pcs.) 100cm x 110 cm (1 pcs.)
  • Warranty: 5 years



Price: 27 000-33 000 EUR


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