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Roma FS II 11.58m2

Modern architecture and nature-friendly natural materials. The house is completely manufactured in the factory and assembled on site in a few hours!


  • The interior and exterior finishes are made of environmentally friendly materials
  • Energy efficient – insulated with PUR foam and withstands the cold Scandinavian climate
  • Fully fitted electrical wiring, Schneider sockets, switches and lights
  • Wall and ceiling furnishings Scandinavian plywood, floor covering laminate Egger
  • Double glazing
  • Kitchen furniture – integrated ceramic stove, sink and refrigerator
  • Good quality and well thought out for you
  • Can be installed within 1-2 days
  • The house can be used all year round
  • Dimensions O2-S = 2440 x 6000 x 2800
  • DELIVERY – 3 to 6 weeks
  • 2 years warranty on finish and equipment, 5 years on construction
  • Transport by agreement




The frame of the building is made of dry planed material, impregnated
Energy-saving splash-free gap-free insulation with a thermal conductivity of 0.030-0.032 W / (m · K)
OSB frame and FSF plywood outer and inner lining
New generation PVC (logic stone) waterproofing roof covering
Facade covering, factory treated with 2x colors (Teknos), multicolored Siberian larch, coated with Rehnocoll oil (German product)
The floor is made of impregnated wooden beams, covered with OSB-3 from the bottom and top 18mm
Sewerage and water pipes are installed up to the outer perimeter of the building.
The building is equipped with an electrical panel and the necessary circuit breakers.
Double glazing, building finish
Glazed warm front door, building finish, energy saving

The modular houses are completely finished inside, with electricity and lighting.
The price does not include transport and foundation.
The house does not need a separate expensive concrete foundation. The most common and the one we use is the post / pile foundation. A quick and cheap solution.


Interior finish:

  • Floor finish – wear-resistant laminate Egger (made in Germany)
  • Interior decoration of walls and ceilings – bleached Scandinavian plywood with Teknos protective coating (made in Finland) (branchless plywood quality A / B)
  • Ceiling and wall lighting LED, decorative panels
  • Kitchen furniture – integrated ceramic stove, sink and refrigerator
  • Kitchen furniture suitable for the interior
  • Toilet floor – quartz vinyl loft style (waterproof)



  • Electrical panel with circuit breakers (main fuse, residual current device and circuit breakers according to zones 10 / 16A
  • Integrated bed base
  • Fully fitted electrical wiring, Schneider sockets and switches
  • LED ceiling and wall lights
  • Infrared floor heating in the bathroom
  • Glazed shower cabin and Stone Tray shower tray
  • Grohe bathroom fixtures, faucets, etc.
  • Special sink with faucet for washing machine
  • Roca toilet (or equivalent)
  • Water tank Ariston 50 l
  • Contoured mirror above the sink
  • Ventilation valves in walls and for kitchen hoods


Exterior finish:

  • Facade board in two different shades for exterior finishing, covered with Teknos weather-resistant paint
  • New generation PVC (logic stone) waterproofing roof covering
  • Double glazing, building finish, energy efficient
  • Glazed warm front door, building finish, energy efficient




  • Strength frame made of dry planed material, treated with fireproof material and painted with Finnish Teknos colors
  • The roof structure we use is FSF plywood, painted with German Rehnocoll oil
  • A new generation of waterproofed beam tile roofing
  • Floor covering – German oil Rehnocoll covered with Siberian larch
  • Support posts glued, painted with Finnish Teknos materials
  • Decorative rib from Siberian larch, coated with German oil Rehnocoll
  • Three steps on a metal base, covered with Siberian larch board, coated with German oil Rehnocoll


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