Insert for self-installation in a recess or in the opening of the cupboard, table, or coffee table. Unlimited use so that our interior gains coziness caused by a real warm fire.

This model has two quick stabilizing fires, 15 cm high. Ideally suited to the living room, office, or bedroom.

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INSIDE 600 is a fireplace designed to be installed in a prepared niche. The 500 mm combustion chamber is placed in a special housing which, together with the glass panes and the beautiful finish, form a coherent and aesthetic whole. The main function of the burner support is to absorb the heat of the burner and not to allow the ground underneath to overheat.

In addition, the casing chamber under the burner is designed to compensate for the pressure that could be created by a possible overflow of fuel. This system ensures the safe use of the fireplace. Thanks to these solutions, it is possible to incorporate the fire even into furniture panels (except for foiled panels). High-quality stainless steel ensures quality and durability, while the ground surface and the beveled edge provide a beautiful finish.



Dimension: 600 x 320 x 50 mm

Hearth:  500 mm = 1 l

Combustion: 3-5 hours

Glass : 2 tempered clear glass panes 4mm

Warranty: 24 months

Color: Silver INOX

Montage: Recessed


Weight 8 kg



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