HUUM HIVE Heat12 kW LS wood-fired sauna heater

HIVE Heat is a highly efficient wood-fired sauna heater for smaller saunas. It has a unique structure where fresh air is conducted into the burning process from above to create a strong flame. This allows the burning to be very clean and makes sure that all the wood gets burned and no wood gas escapes the chimney and goes to waste like it often does with less efficient stoves. The furnace door is made of cast iron which is very resistant and easy to maintain. HIVE Heat complies with BimSchV II, the German standard for wood-burning stoves. The sauna stove is treated only with natural oils without the use of chemicals.

  • unique structure for efficient burning
  • treated only with natural oils
  • model HIVE Heat 12 LS allows heating from another room
  • complies with BimSchV II

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HUUM HIVE Heat 12kW LS is a wood stove with hearth extension made in Estonia, which is ideal for smaller (6-13 m³) saunas. The hearth of this efficient and economical wood burning stove is completely unique because fresh air is supplied to the combustion process from above, resulting in exceptionally clean combustion. In addition to wood, wood gases are also burned, which in the case of ordinary sauna stoves mostly escape from the chimney and go to waste.

The heaters door is made of high-quality cast iron and is durable and easy to maintain.

HUUM HIVE Heat meets the BimSchV II requirements for German wood-burning stoves.

No chemicals have been used to paint this heater, but it has been treated only with natural oils.

HUUM HIVE Heat 12kW LS has a hearth extension, which allows the heater to be heated from an adjacent room.


The set includes a heater.

The heater needs an additional 90 kilograms of 5-10 cm diameter stones and a connection to the chimney.


Together with the heater, it is possible to add to the cart the round olivine-based heater stones designed specifically for HUUM heaters, which are durable, have a high heat capacity and look visually beautiful, as you can see in the pictures. We recommend using such round stones in the heater because they provide milder steam. Thanks to the rounded shape of the heater stones, the water moves between the stone layers and can evaporate gradually, instead of evaporating from the top layer all at once.




Product specifications:

  • WEIGHT: 67 kg
  • HEIGHT: 75 cm
  • WIDTH: 45 cm
  • DEPTH: 64 cm
  • HEATED ROOM: 6-13 m³
  • POWER: 12 kW
  • WARRANTY: 5 years



NB! Chimney sets can be purchased separately –  HUUM Saunaset through the wall  and HUUM Saunaset though the ceiling






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