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GoSauna Slim Clear (Electric heater)

GoSauna SLIM– Sauna where you need it!

This is a step beyond the usual outdoor sauna. GoSauna SLIM – a special sauna experience right where you are.

GoSauna’s outdoor saunas provide an opportunity to take a steam in a place where you cannot usually enjoy the sauna.

The advantages of the sauna are its light weight, small dimensions, design and cheaper prices compared to other manufacturers.

Original price was: €9,751.00.Current price is: €7,835.00. not inc. VAT


Wooden outdoor rectangle shape sauna with a 360-degree view that combines innovation, functionality, and design. It only takes an hour to heat it up! You can place the portable pre-built sauna anywhere – in your garden, by the riverside, on the roof, in the forest, or next to your summer house. 


The pre-built outdoor sauna is delivered straight to your door. Thanks to its lightweight and sturdy frame, the portable sauna is easy to transport. You can choose between the wood-burning heater Harvia Legend 150 or the electric heater Harvia PC Cilindro 90. Specially designed plexiglas solutions for enjoying a 360-degree view. 

Clear outdoor sauna – Outdoor sauna with clear plexiglass is the bravest of them all

  1. SLIM sauna clear – 5665 EUR
  2. Clear Outdoor sauna with electric heater Harvia PC Cilindro 90 – 6138 EUR
  3. Clear Outdoor sauna with wood burning heater Harvia Legend 150 (with stones)  – 6952 EUR

Toned outdoor sauna – Comfortable privacy while still allowing You to enjoy the view

  1. SLIM sauna toned – 6193 EUR
  2. Toned Outdoor sauna with electric heater Harvia PC Cilindro 90 – 6666 EUR
  3. Toned Outdoor sauna with wood burning heater Harvia Legend 150 (with stones)  – 7480 EUR

Additional information:

  • 360-degree view
  • Weight: only 320 kg
  • Frame – spruce
  • Stage, railings, floor –  termo alder
  • Wall glasses – 6 mm plexiglass
  • Ceiling – 6 mm plexiglass (clear)
  • Stage material: alder
  • Floor material: alder
  • Slide door
  • Electric heater: stones are also included
  • Sauna lighting, electrical system: not included
  • Drain staircase: none, the whole wooden flag floor acts as a staircase
  • Ventilation chimney: none, the wall structure absorbs overpressure, and thus ventilation works
  • Capacity: a standard sauna for 2-3 people
  • Packaging dimensions: 2400 x 1400 x 2300 mm




Not every transparent plastic is plexiglass. PLEXIGLAS® is a brand with very special, and unique, properties. It combines infinite design options and nearly myriad different functions with responsibility for the world we live in, through its sustainability and longevity.


Long service life:

Due to its durability, PLEXIGLAS® can easily remain in an application for several decades. It remains virtually unchanged in the appearance of UV radiation and moisture, as the material possesses inherent protection against weathering. It will not be yellow and will retain the highest transparency for 30 years.


Easy to recycle:

PLEXIGLAS® can make a considerable contribution to the circular economy and help shape a more sustainable and resource-efficient future in line with the following principles: avoidance comes before reuse (durability), appropriate disposal (can be easily recycled), don’t waste, recycle (can be broken down into its original components to create new PLEXIGLAS® products).


No health risks:

Semi-finished products inherently contain no plasticizers, heavy metal salts or halogens, and no chlorine. Based on current knowledge, it does not usually release relevant quantities of active substances that are toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reprotoxic. PLEXIGLAS® sheets release no ingredients into the air, water, or ground. Even in the case of fire, it does not develop acutely toxic fumes.

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