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Electric heater Saunum Premium 9 kw

Electric Saunum heater Premium 9 kW with indoor air conditioner offers you the experience of a salt spa without leaving your home. This electric heater with an elegant design is an ideal choice for saunas with a steam room of 8-15 m³.


1,595.00not inc. VAT

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The indoor air conditioner of the Sauna Premium electric heater draws in hot air from the upper air layers of the steam room and colder air from the lower air layers. Inside the air conditioner, layers of air and steam vapor are magically mixed, and a cooled air-steam vapor mixture exits the device, which ensures a more even temperature throughout the steam room and offers pleasure from head to toe.

Sauna Premium is also equipped with Himalayan salt balls, which enrich the air with salt ions and have a healing effect on both the respiratory system and the skin.

With this electric heater, the steam is pleasantly mild, the body sweats better, the sauna session is longer and you will not feel any sauna fatigue or headache after the sauna session.

You can choose the mantra silk gray, white or copper version of the electric heater as you wish.

Together with the heater, it is possible to add to the shopping cart polished heater stones specially designed for Sauna heaters, which are durable, have a good heat capacity and look visually beautiful.


Technical specifications:

  • WEIGHT: 42 kg
  • HEIGHT: 140-210 cm
  • WIDTH: 75 cm
  • DEPTH: 40.4 cm
  • HEATED ROOM: 8-15 m³
  • POWER: 9 kW
  • CAPACITY OF STONES: 85-90 kg
  • WARRANTY: 2 years


The set includes:

  • electric heater with an indoor air conditioner
  • tent
  • salt balls


The heater also needs:

  • control panel
  • 90 kilograms of stones with a diameter of 5-10 cm
  • power cable corresponding to the temperature environment


Available in 3 different colors:

  • White (EAN: 4745090015041)
  • Antrhacite (EAN: 4745090015065)
  • *NB! Price for Electric heater Saunum Premium 9 kw in color copper is 1995 EUR (w.o VAT) (EAN:4745090015027)






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