HC38 Hand Cleaner 3,8 L

Washing Lotion


Heavy-duty hand cleaner with a citrus scent.

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Powerful hand cleaner for industrial, garage and farm use. Ideally suitable for removing stubborn soiling like grease, tar, ink, adhesive and paint.


Product pH 7

Appearance and scent

Yellowish, discotic emulsion


>5 °C, do not freeze. Shelf life 3 years from manufacturing.

Instructions for use

Rub a small amount of hand cleaner into dry hands until dirt loosens. Rinse with clean water or remove with a towel or wipe. Dry the hands thoroughly.


Renewed composition: gently abrasive cleansing agent is of corn origin, a natural and environmentally friendly option for microplastics.
It contains jojoba oil and aloe vera extract as skin-caring ingredients.

Keep the package well closed when not in use.


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