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The sauna is a historical and cultural phenomenon with roots deep in humanity’s past. The history of the sauna stretches back thousands of years. The first accounts of sauna use come from Finland, where they were called “smoke sauna” or smoke sauna. The initial saunas were simple structures where heat was generated using stones and wood. These early saunas were important not only for ensuring physical cleanliness but also considered places for spiritual and social rituals. The sauna tradition quickly spread beyond Finland’s borders, reaching other Nordic countries and the Baltic region. Each culture shaped the sauna experience in its own way, but the importance of warmth and purification remained a unifying theme. Today, saunas have become more diverse, integrating modern technologies and design. However, the essence of the sauna remains the same – it is a place where people come together, share experiences, and enjoy warmth on both a physical and spiritual level. Visiting a sauna has several positive effects on your physical health. GoSauna presents itself as the new era Estonian sauna, combining the best features of both steam and Finnish saunas. Against the backdrop of traditional sauna history, GoSauna is directed towards innovations, using wood constructions with transparent glass to create a cozy and nature-close feeling. In this context, GoSauna reflects the connection between the past and contemporary sauna experience.

Let’s delve deeper into the mechanisms of sauna’s impact and its benefits to the body.

Circulatory System: Staying in a sauna helps to dilate blood vessels, thereby improving circulation. This, in turn, increases the transport of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and may promote heart health.
Muscle Relaxation: The heat in a sauna helps to relieve muscle tension, improving joint mobility and reducing pain. This makes the sauna an excellent option after a workout or a stressful day.
Detoxification: Sauna procedures promote sweating, which is the body’s natural way to excrete waste and toxins. This process helps to keep the skin healthy and supports overall body detoxification.
Immune System Strengthening: Repeated sauna visits may help increase the body’s resistance to diseases. Heat stimulates white blood cells and other components of the immune system.
GoSauna saunas also offer several physical health benefits, starting with a ventilated ribbed floor that ensures good and fresh air throughout the sauna session. This feature not only positively affects the circulatory system but also helps maintain a pleasant and clean smell of the sauna. Additionally, it’s important to note how GoSauna’s outdoor sauna steam differs from traditional saunas, being pleasantly mild and moist.


Visiting a sauna offers not only physical but also mental pleasure.

Stress Relief: The warmth and relaxing environment in a sauna help reduce stress levels. The heat helps relax muscles and stimulates the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural “feel-good hormones”.
Improved Sleep: Going to the sauna before bedtime can help improve sleep quality. The body cooling process after sauna bathing can promote deeper and more restful sleep.
Meditative Environment: The sauna often creates an intimate and quiet environment, allowing people to reflect and relax. It is an excellent opportunity to step away from daily concerns and find a moment for oneself.
Emotional Balance: Sauna procedures are also associated with emotional balance. It can help reduce anxiety and increase overall mental clarity and well-being. Fun fact, GoSauna’s outdoor sauna is designed so that most of the surface is transparent glass, which in turn creates an open and relaxing environment. The panoramic sauna allows sauna-goers to enjoy a visual connection with the external environment, turning sauna bathing into a meditative experience.


Healthy Skin, Happier Mind

Visiting a sauna not only affects internal processes but also offers significant benefits for the skin. Let’s take a closer look at how the sauna helps keep our skin healthy. Cleansing: Intense sweating that occurs while in a sauna opens pores and helps remove dead skin cells, dirt, and other pollutants. This deeply cleanses the skin. Improved Circulation: Increased circulation caused by sauna visits brings more oxygen and nutrients that reach the skin cells. This promotes cell regeneration and improves the overall condition of the skin. Moisturizing: Although the sauna procedure itself can temporarily dry out the skin, subsequent showering and moisturizing help restore the skin’s moisture balance. This can help prevent dry skin and peeling.
Relief for Atopic Dermatitis: Some studies suggest that regular sauna bathing can help people with atopic dermatitis relieve itching and inflammation.

GoSauna MINI: Relaxing Sauna Experience Anywhere Without Limits

Traditionally, the sauna has been a place where people gather, communicate, and form stronger social bonds. The communal experience always unites people; hence, being in a sauna is a shared experience that can help create and strengthen bonds between family members, friends, or neighbors.
The sauna experience promotes openness and relaxation, which can facilitate communication. People are often more open and willing to talk in a relaxing environment, which helps strengthen social relationships.

Our customers’ favorite, the sauna MINI, is a small and cozy sauna for two people. Its dimensions are 1500x2000mm and it weighs only 240kg, so you can install the GoSauna MINI wherever you want – be it a terrace or a condominium roof. There’s no need for construction or installation permits. GoSauna MINI’s outdoor sauna is unique among its kind. GoSauna’s temperature ranges from 70-105 degrees, and heating works the same way as in a regular sauna. You can choose between electric and wood heaters. Sauna MINI is made from natural materials. It features a unique ribbed floor that allows air to circulate, making your sauna experience even more pleasant, while also preventing mold. Sauna MINI is an easy way to enjoy a relaxing sauna experience. If you’re looking for a small, simple sauna that fits your lifestyle, sauna MINI is a great choice.
Adventurous souls will definitely enjoy sauna bathing, for example, by rivers, lakes, forests, or the sea. Thanks to its 360-degree view, GoSauna’s outdoor sauna allows you to sit in the midst of nature and enjoy the surrounding beauty from every side through glazed walls. Since the ceiling is also transparent, you can admire the starry sky. This is a true experience!


Sauna – From Past to Modern Innovation

Sauna, a historical and cultural heritage, has undergone a development journey spanning millennia. Originating in Finland, the initial “smoke sauna” carried both the importance of physical cleanliness and spiritual rituals. The tradition quickly spread, reaching other Nordic countries and the Baltic region, each culture shaping it in its own way. Today, GoSauna presents itself as an innovative Estonian sauna, combining traditions with modern design and technology.
Delving deeper into the impact of sauna reveals several physical health benefits. Dilating the circulatory system improves circulation and nutrient transport, promoting heart health. Muscle relaxation relieves tension, making the sauna an ideal choice after a workout or a stressful day. Detoxification through sweating supports body detox, strengthening the immune system.
GoSauna’s added features, such as the ventilated ribbed floor, ensure good air exchange, maintaining a pleasant aroma. Visiting a sauna offers not only physical but also mental benefits, helping to relieve stress, improve sleep quality, and create a meditative environment.
Sauna procedures offer intense cleansing, improve circulation, and moisturize the skin. GoSauna’s outdoor sauna steam differs from traditional saunas with its pleasantly mild and moist steam. Socially, saunas are places where people create stronger social bonds. GoSauna’s unique outdoor sauna design allows enjoying nature from every direction, creating a unique experience by rivers, lakes, or the sea.


Why choose GoSauna’s outdoor sauna?

A significant difference compared to a regular sauna is in the steam properties. In a traditional wood-paneled sauna, the walls get hot, and the steam moves along the hot wood, making the steam quite sharp. However, GoSauna’s plexiglass is cooled down from the outside, half as warm as wood, around 25-30 degrees. Thus, the steam moves along the cool wall, making it pleasantly mild and moist.

If you have an irresistible desire to relax in a sauna, contact us at order@factory.sale, and our specialists will help find the best solution.