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Every builder, construction company, real estate developer, and individual wants to find construction materials at the most affordable price on the market without sacrificing quality and ease of purchase. Factory.Sale was created to offer just such a service – the company has established contacts with a large number of manufacturers of building materials, with whom the best solution is offered to customers.


“Our goal is to gather manufacturers and exclusive representatives of the region on one platform so that competitive cooperation between the end consumer and the manufacturer is created. The end-user submits a request on the platform, and the manufacturer/s submits a quote. In addition, we have combined quality and a convenient transport solution at the best price. We do a lot of preliminary work and map out customers’ concerns in order to offer effective answers to all emerging problems,” explains Alvin Kobin, CEO of Factory.Sale. “We want to offer innovation and future trends. For example, we will soon open crypto payments, which means that if you wish, you can purchase, for example, a HUUM or Saunum heater for cryptocurrency.”


For the most part, Factory.Sale has been engaged in the sale of construction materials, but its product range is constantly expanding into other sectors. “If a material or product is not currently available on our website, we are ready to make inquiries about it to factories across Europe and the world. We offer products directly from producers in Estonia, Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Ukraine, and elsewhere,” he lists. “A wide network is very important in today’s chaotic economic world because there are materials, such as exclusive wood, which were mainly imported from Russia, but now we have to look for an alternative elsewhere. The lack of raw materials in some areas can already be very strongly perceived, and we help companies spread the risks.”


The ordering process is simple: the customer submits a request to the Factory.Sale platform, the project manager, prepares the project and, if necessary, forwards the request to the manufacturers. Different manufacturers get a chance to submit an offer, and if the price is right, Factory.Sale takes care of the logistics. In addition to fast and direct customer service, they also deal with complaints and warranty issues. Transport is carried out as dropshipping, i.e., directly from the manufacturer conveniently to the site of the customer. Factory.Sale is also responsible for the legal side of trading in Estonia, which makes trading easier and safer for manufacturers.


How to start cooperation with Factory.Sale?

The company operates in Sweden, Finland, and Estonia, but in the future, there is an ambitious plan to expand worldwide. “At the moment, we are heading to Scandinavia to market domestic innovative products there, such as HUUM heaters and renewable energy solutions,” says Kobin, who says that local manufacturers are increasingly interested in selling their products at Factory.Sale. “New world values of honesty, creativity and direct management are important to us, and we are oriented towards cooperation. Creativity, simplicity, and innovation are very important, as well as the continuous expansion of the network and more effective distribution of products.”


To sell your products on the Factory.Sale page, you usually start by adding the manufacturer’s five or more best-selling sales items to the page. This requires 3-5 photos of each product, the resolution of which should be at least 1920 pixels. “Then we need the dealer’s price list and the minimum retail price of the product,” explains Kobin. “Then we add the products to the Factory.Sale page and set up search terms for the products. If the search terms already exist, we can also analyze whether they work in Sweden and Finland. In addition, we have developed our own marketing channel, which includes e-mail campaigns, a B2B sales channel, social media channels, as well as various marketing channels of cooperation partners.”

For a start-up manufacturer, it may be difficult to advertise their products in a new country, and the budget for this is rather a meager Factory.Sale is the ideal platform to increase the visibility of the products.


HUUM’s environmentally conscious sauna innovation

The HUUM sauna experience combines design, quality, and top technology with an environmentally sustainable way of thinking. HUUM carries the original Estonian sauna tradition, but it does so by taking into account the lifestyle and convenience of the modern user. With a large number of stones and few metal surfaces, the heaters are designed in such a way that they provide a steam quality that competes with a traditional wood-burning heater. For HUUM, it is important that the sauna is economical and environmentally friendly, considering both the user and the surrounding environment.


A responsible way of thinking starts at the beginning of HUUM’s product development processes and, at the end of the day, is expressed in friendlier numbers on the end user’s electricity bill as well as in a smaller ecological footprint of the company as a whole. This includes well-thought-out material consumption, recyclable packaging materials, the efficient combustion process of wood-burning heaters, which emits an almost non-existent amount of waste into the air, and the energy efficiency of electric heaters, together with the Smart Heating functionality of the UKU control system.


The production of HUUM and all the company’s work processes take place in the homeland, creating more and more new jobs in the course of growth and training specialists who will make Estonia known on the world map as an innovator of sauna technology.


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