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Sauna visits are associated with a rich tradition, and the sauna tradition stretches back thousands of years. In 2013, the Ministry of Culture submitted a request to add the Võru County smoke sauna tradition to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. A year later, this long-held dream of the people of Võru became a reality (Finnish sauna culture was added to the UNESCO list in 2020). Eda Veeroja, the mistress of Mooska farm who is called the mother of the Estonian sauna, helped prepare the application. She noted: “In our area, visiting the sauna is associated with a rich and distinctive set of customs, which includes not only the customs of sauna visits but also the skills of heating the sauna, making sauna whisks, and building saunas. It also includes knowledge of treating illnesses in the sauna and smoking meat.” Thus, it is not only the recognition of the smoke sauna as a building but the appreciation of the entire culture related to the smoke sauna. Being named to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage is probably one of the highest recognitions for Estonian sauna culture, which helps to carry this ancient part of our heritage to future generations and spread both the smoke sauna and Estonian sauna culture globally. People involved in heritage culture consider the smoke sauna an excellent place to introduce local history and ancient lifestyles.

Visiting the sauna is healing, and one of the most significant health effects is considered to be the improvement of cardiovascular function. Elevated temperatures in the sauna make the heart work faster, and blood vessels expand, which improves circulation and helps lower blood pressure. Additionally, being in the sauna helps reduce stress and improve sleep, as the warmth releases endorphins, hormones that create feelings of well-being. Sweating in the sauna is also a great way to cleanse the body, helping to expel toxins through the skin. Therefore, regular sauna visits can help strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammatory processes, and promote overall relaxation, offering significant relief to both body and mind.

Since sauna visits are also important to us, we offer a wide selection of different types of saunas with this in mind. Outdoor saunas have become increasingly popular, as people want to enjoy the sauna ritual in the middle of nature and fresh air. Outdoor saunas offer several advantages that make the sauna ritual even more enjoyable. Here are some useful facts about outdoor saunas. Outdoor saunas allow you to enjoy sauna bathing in the fresh air, enjoying the beauty and peace of nature. It probably comes as no surprise that regular sauna visits can help relax, relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and strengthen the immune system. Outdoor saunas are often made of high-quality wood, treated for durability and beauty. Outdoor saunas typically include a terrace where you can enjoy cooling pleasures and take time before or after the sauna experience. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the silence of nature and the touch of fresh air. The outdoor sauna terrace is often equipped with comfortable seating and tables and can be the perfect place to spend time with friends and family. Outdoor sauna heating systems can vary, from traditional wood stoves to modern electric heating systems. Wood-burning outdoor saunas offer an authentic sauna experience, where you can add heating material yourself and monitor the heating process. Electric saunas are simpler and quicker to use, allowing you to enjoy sauna pleasures with less preparation. Outdoor saunas are versatile and suitable for all kinds of sauna enthusiasts. These saunas allow you to enjoy sauna pleasures year-round, regardless of weather conditions. Explore outdoor saunas here.

One of the most popular is certainly the barrel sauna. The barrel sauna is a type of sauna that is unparalleled in its unique appearance and nature-close design. This traditional sauna variant has found increasingly more supporters both in home gardens and recreation centers worldwide. The barrel sauna combines timeless tradition, modern convenience, and integration with nature, offering a relaxing and healthy sauna experience. One of the most striking features of the barrel sauna is its shape and construction. Typically, the barrel sauna is made from wooden slats that form the classic barrel shape. Its design is visually beautiful and recalls the roots of sauna traditions.

The barrel sauna’s shape also allows heat and steam to move better, ensuring even and efficient heat distribution throughout the sauna room. In addition to visual appeal, the barrel sauna offers several practical advantages. Barrel saunas are built to provide excellent insulation, and tight wooden slats retain heat, making it very energy-efficient. Barrel saunas are equipped with a sauna platform and stove, ensuring a classic sauna experience. Barrel sauna stoves are usually wood-burning, adding a nature-close and earthy element to your sauna experience. In addition to traditional wood-burning stoves, electric heating sources are also available, making the use of the barrel sauna even more convenient and simple. Using an electric stove does not require constant chopping of wood or sourcing heating material, which can be particularly attractive for those who want to enjoy the sauna without much preparation. In summary, the barrel sauna offers an exceptional sauna experience that combines tradition and modernity, comfort, and closeness to nature. Its unique design and practical benefits make it suitable for all kinds of sauna enthusiasts, who are looking for something special. Enjoying the relaxing heat of the barrel sauna and closeness to nature, you can feel how everyday worries disappear and the body and mind rejuvenate. Explore the selection here .


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